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Respiration Protection

How to choose a protective device?

Respiration protection

Criteria of the selection of devices of respiration protection

- full-face masks have to be used when the inhaled air contains particularly toxic substances, the concentration of gas in the air exceeds 0.1 % by vol.
- fresh air or compressed air devices of respiration protection have to be used on case the hazardous gas in the air is non-odorous, e.g. in the case of carbon monoxide
- when gas filters are applied, there may not be solid toxic particles present
- when particle filters are applied, there may not be toxic gases or vapours present

Sign and field of the application of the particle filters


Colour code

Field of application



5-fold of the permissible concentration

against solid particles, e.g. dust, powders



10-fold of the permissible concentration

against solid and liquid particles, e.g. fog



50-fold of the permissible concentration

200-fold of the permissible concentration

against solid and liquid particles classified as toxins and strong toxins, e.g. fog


Types of gas filters


Colour code

Field of application



gases and vapours with boiling points over 60°C



against inorganic gases, e.g. hydrogen sulphide, with the exception of carbon monoxide



against the gases and vapours of sulphur dioxide and other acids



against ammonia and organic amine derivatives


Capacities of the A, B, E, K type gas-filtering canisters

Max. hazardous material concentration

Class 1: small

Class 2: medium

Class 3: large

0.1 % vol.

0.5 % vol.

1.0 % vol.


The use of the filtering type devices of respiration protection has the condition that the contaminant that is present in the air is known, while the concentration of the toxic contaminant does not exceed 0.1 % vol., and the oxygen concentration in the air is over 17 % vol.

No device of respiration protection equipped with a filter can be used:

  • in closed rooms of small airspace (tanks, tunnels, shafts, etc.), or
  • if the environmental conditions are unknown, or
  • if the quality or properties of the contaminants may change during use,
  • in atmospheres lacking sufficient oxygen,
  • when the concentration of contaminants is over the permissible level.

Major standards pertaining to personal protective equipment for respiration protection:

Number of the standard

Designation of the standard

MSZ EN 140

Devices of respiration protection. Half-face and quarter-face masks. Requirements, tests, markings

MSZ EN 141

Devices of respiration protection. Gas filters and combined filters. Requirements, tests, markings

MSZ EN 143

Devices of respiration protection. Particle filters. Requirements, tests, markings

MSZ EN 149

Devices of respiration protection. Particle-filtering half-face masks. Requirements, tests, markings

MSZ EN 132

Devices of respiration protection. Terms and definitions, pictograms

MSZ EN 136

Devices of respiration protection. Full-face masks. Requirements, tests, markings


When selecting the filters for protection against particles, gases and vapours, the concentrations of the hazardous substances have to be taken into consideration.
Combined filters can be chosen only by taking the concentrations of both hazardous materials into account (i.e. both for gas and vapour, as well as powder and other solid particles). The excessively high concentration of any substance excludes the applicability of combined filtering.
Choose only such devices of respiration protection on the filtering canister of which the manufacturer indicates the warranted lifetimes of the gas and combined filters.

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