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Eye protection

How to choose a protective device?

Eye protection

Devices of eye protection are all forms of protective equipment that cover at least the surroundings of the eye. Their known forms are goggles – in designs with or without side flaps – that afford protection against

  • mechanical harms (impacts, molten metals, hot and solid substances, drops, metal splashes, optical radiation, dust and powders)
  • optical radiation harms (ultraviolet, visible, infrared)
  • chemical harms (detrimental effects of chemicals, gases, vapours).
Type of radiationUltraviolet (UV-C)Visible (VIS)Infrared (IR)
Bandwidth180-280 nm380-780 nm780nm-1 mm
Medium of replacementartifical sourceexcessively strong sun 
Scale value2/3 4
Shade value1,2-5 1,2-5

Criteria of the selection for devices of eye protection:

  • CE marking, permission
  • shape of the face and any defect of the vision of the user to be considered
  • light weight
  • skin-friendly properties (nickel allergy)
  • broad field of vision
  • adjustability and inclination of the length of the arm (tilt angle)
  • replaceability of the fields of vision

The fields of vision can be

- polycarbonate: light weight, very strong material, break resistance, unlimited design potentials, option to apply coating)
- glass: good scratch resistance
- cellulose acetate: protection against chemicals
- hardened glass: scratch-resistant surface, spark-resistance, recommended for welding
- multilayer composite: a plastic layer in between two glass layers, thicker outer layer and thinner inner glass layer

Devices of eye protection have to be affixed with clearly visible markings even on permanent, assembled, complete equipment. The label has to specify the following information:

  • 2-1,2 : Degree of protection
  • W : Indication of the manufacturer
  • 1 : Optical class
  • F : Mechanic strength (45 m/s)
  • K : Scratch resistance
  • N : Anti-fog property
  • DIN : DIN test marking
  • CE : CE conformity

When selecting the colour of the field of vision, the following aspects need to be considered:

Colour of the field of visionClass of protectionFields of the application of the goggles
Water clear2-1,2General use, UV protection
Yellow2-1,2contrast enhancement (fog), UV protection
UV green3-1,7at workplaces exposed to the threat of UV radiation
Grey5-2,5Outdoor application, protection against flashing lights
Brown SCT 4005-2,5Outdoor works, truck drivers
Silvered5-1,7Indoor and outdoor application, trolley drivers
Green welding filter5-1,7For autogenous welding, UV and IR radiation, as well as protection against flashing lights

Major standards pertaining to personal protective equipment for eye protection:

Number of the standardDesignation of the standard
MSZ EN 166Personal eye-protecting equipment. Requirements
MSZ EN 167Personal eye-protecting equipment. Optical test methods
MSZ EN 169Personal eye-protecting equipment. Filters for welding and related procedures. Transmission requirements and recommended use
MSZ EN 170Personal eye-protecting equipment. Ultraviolet filters. Transmission requirements and recommended use
MSZ EN 171Personal eye-protecting equipment. Infrared filters. Transmission requirements and recommended use
MSZ EN 172Personal eye-protecting equipment. Sunlight filters for industrial use

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